Real Cloth Nappy Library
& Advisory Services

A Real Nappy Library? Yes, we have a variety of real nappies in stock for you to loan (just like a book library!)

This is perfect if you would like to try a selection of real nappies on your baby before you commit to the financial outlay. The nappy library is also used by parents already using cloth, but fancy trying out other styles of nappy.

We loan out nappies on an individual basis, and we also have a few kits to trial a variety of nappies on the market. The hire fees are simply £1 per fortnight, with a refundable deposit. The fees contribute to buying new nappies for the library. 

Full T&C are available upon request - please get in touch!

UK Cloth Nappy Library Network Map

If you are not in the Hartlepool area and would like to find a cloth nappy library local to you, why not check on the UK Cloth Nappy Library Network Map? You can find it here.

FYP Nappy Guru

Feeling confused about real nappies?


Our in-house Nappy Guru (Lyndsey Allen) is able to advise you on the best systems for your family, and everything you need to 'go cloth'.


Lyndsey is a dedicated and knowledgable Nappy Advisor who is on call for real nappy demonstrations and nappy advice to help parents succeed with real nappies!

Lyndsey is a mum who has used real nappies on both of her children. She able to give honest and impartial advice throughout the cloth nappying journey as she has most likely had that experience herself. Lyndsey liaises with families to find out what easy to use, modern and fun cloth nappies suit their personal circumstances.


Exclusive deals, packs and discounts available through your fill-your-pants.com guru only.